Friday, May 3, 2013

Arroyo Food Co-op Pasadena - New Way For You To Give Back

The Arroyo Food co-op of Pasadena, CA has 500 members. With a newly leased space in Pasadena the co-op will provide organic, sustainable, and locally sourced products along with humanely raised meats, fair trade items and non-GMO produce. The co-op is taking over the space of a former local community market.

With visions of  additional features such as  a deli, coffee bar, and community space being considered the co-op will also be filling a local community void.  To fulfill its has launched a capital campaign.

Loans from existing members will provide the bulk of the approximately $70,000 needed to refurbish and renovate the site and $251,000 for operational expenses—mostly inventory—but extra members and donors will be needed.

Here's an opportunity for you for a new way to give back;  join the co-op or make a donation to help provide member families and the local community with locally produced, sustainable, fair  trade, non-GMO and organic products.

 As a member you provide a real life experience for friends and family of how we can all make a positive impact on healthy living, our environment and nutritional education. Spread the word through your social connections. To learn more, become a member or make a donation visit
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